Caesarstone Empira Black worktop

How to choose a quartz worktop

Not all quartz worktops are made equally and a number of factors will determine whether it suits your specific needs. Do you want something easy to maintain? Do you have a tight budget? How often will you be using your worktops? 

Like with cars, cosmetics, or furnishings, you get what you pay for and although most quartz is fit for purpose, there are distinct differences in how different brands of quartz perform. Here are our top tips for choosing a worktop.

  • “I’m on a tight budget”

Cheaper quartz can still make your kitchen or bathroom stand out but you may find that it stains easily and may need replacing sooner. This doesn’t mean it will stain immediately but you might not get the longevity out of it that you would if you spent a bit more. This is mainly down to the lower quality or blends of minerals & resin that can change the porosity & resistance of the quartz. As they say, you buy cheap you buy twice!

That being said, we treat all materials in the same way so the quality of the fabrication & installation will be excellent – the material may just lack the finesse of more expensive brands.

  • “I love cooking, baking, or entertaining”

You will need a worktop that is easy to maintain and has a proven reputation for being easy to clean and hard-wearing, which can be more expensive. You don’t want to spend your downtime worrying about what you can and can’t do with your worktops. Plus, you will also benefit from a wider range of colours that your guests will be envious of! 

  • “I want something that makes people go wow!”

Branded and warrantied quartz is made up of less than 7% resin and polished to a higher standard which makes it look more natural. Cheaper quartz can contain a much higher percentage of resin making it look more artificial and plastic which you may not like. The polish and shine may also be finished to a lower grade. It depends on your tastes and decor – there are some great cheaper options out there but the amount of maintenance required will need to be considered.

  • “I want peace of mind”

The better the quality of material, the longer the warranty usually is giving you peace of mind. For example, Silestone & Caesarstone offer you 25 years across their entire quartz range – a cheaper copy may only offer you 1 years’ warranty. Think of a warranty as a reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in their material – the longer the warranty, the more confident they are of their quartz’s quality and hardwearing properties.

Whatever your tastes, we can help you select the best worktop that matches your needs. We can also send free samples so you can compare similar quartz in different price ranges. Simply get in touch by clicking here or calling 01430 410109.