Searching For “Quartz Worktops Near Me”?

Are you looking for quartz worktops in the Hull/Yorkshire area? As specialists in providing bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops, Cambrian Granite has got you covered.

At Cambrian Granite, we source, manufacture and fit the finest quartz worktops, using premium materials from world-leading suppliers as well as the latest, most advanced technology.

“What types of quartz worktops do you have available?”

Our stunning selection of quartz worktops are available in a mixture of natural quartz, resin, and glass or metallic elements, our quartz range also features over 400 colours to perfectly match your interior décor. 

Although one of our cheaper options, our quartz worktops come with a range of warranties up to 25 years, to give you the peace of mind you need.

To help you in your journey to find the perfect quartz worktop, we want you to get a real feel for the materials that we supply before you commit to purchasing. You can therefore order up to 3 FREE samples from our newly assorted products page. Simply select ‘quartz’ in the filters down the left-hand side, as well as any other preferences that you’d like to specify based on colour, features and price range – this way you can find exactly what you’re looking for with minimum effort.

“What are your most popular quartz worktops across Hull and Yorkshire?”

Quartz worktops have become increasingly popular over recent years – the surface offers an abundance of colour options, unlike natural stone, with the added benefit of shock, scratch, and stain-resistant and is incredibly low maintenance.

Since we first began fabricating quartz worktops back in 2007, we’ve seen a significantly high demand across the Yorkshire region, with our current bestsellers being:

  1. 4004 Raw Concrete
  2. Caesarstone 6338 Woodlands
  3. Blanco Stellar (Silestone)
  4. Silestone Et Calacatta Gold
  5. Silestone White Arabesque

Quartz Worktops Yorkshire, Quartz Selection

“Help – which colour quartz should I choose?”

Although our range of quartz worktops features over 400 colours, you simply can’t go wrong with a classic black or white worktop. These monochrome colours look great for pretty much every kitchen – so it’s no surprise that they’re the most popular amongst our customers.

Black quartz worktops – our top picks:

  1. Iconic Black
  2. Eternal Noir
  3. Starlight Black

Black Quartz Worktops, Quartz Worktops Near Me

White quartz worktops – our top picks:

  1. Iconic White
  2. Classic Calacatta
  3. Arctic Shimmer

White Quartz Worktops, Black Quartz Worktops, Quartz Worktops Near Me

“Can you fit my worktops?”

Absolutely! We specialise in sourcing and manufacturing the finest worktops. Our team is also available to fit our worktops for all commercial, trade and private customers across the UK.

“How quickly can my worktops be ready?”

We aim to provide all quotes within 2 working days, however, this may change depending on individual requirements and specifications. Once a quote has been signed off, there is a current two-week waiting period for template bookings (this may vary depending on the time of year). After templating, we aim to fit your worktop within 7 days, providing the template is signed off in time for production.

To keep you in the loop, our team will be in touch the day before templating or fitting (usually in the afternoon) to give you a 2-hour time slot for when you can expect us to arrive the following day. 

Like the look of our worktops? Order your free samples here.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more information regarding our quartz worktops, feel free to call us on 01430 410109 or contact us via the website.