Gold Quooker

Why choose a Quooker tap?

Invented in the 1970s, Quooker has always been one step ahead in kitchen innovation.

Billed as the tap that does it all, in less than 3 seconds you can have filtered boiling water (or even cold sparkling!) straight from a tap. We offer Quooker taps as the perfect accessory for your new kitchen worktops – so why choose Quooker?

  • Saves time

Rather than waiting for the kettle to boil, you’ll have access to instant boiling water. 

  • Saves energy

The Quooker combi boiler features high vacuum insulation which uses 50% less energy than normal kitchen boilers. With an energy rating of A, you will never use more energy than a kettle.

  • Saves water

With Quooker you will never use more water than you need and you won’t have to run the tap to wait for it to warm up. And with Quooker CUBE you’ll have access to filtered sparkling and still cold water so you’ll save on plastic bottles too!

  • Saves space

You can save precious worktop space by doing away with your kettle and relying on a Quooker instead. It swivels and easily moves out of place so you’ll hardly notice it’s there – until you need a cup of tea!

  • Versatile

Quooker taps can be used in a variety of ways – not just for making tea or coffee! From cooking pasta to cleaning dirty dishes, or preparing baby milk or to blanch vegetables – you’ll use it for things you never thought you’d need it for!

  • Improved taste

With a carbon filter, water is purified automatically and because it always stays at 110°C calcium is reduced making for a tastier cuppa! 

  • Innovation as standard

Think of Quooker as the Apple of hot water taps – always ahead of the game and a master of their craft. If you choose a Quooker, you’ll join 500,000 other happy customers!

  • Safety first

One of the first things we do when a customer asks about a Quooker tap is to demonstrate the safety features. With a childproof handle and insulated spout, you don’t have to worry about tiny hands getting burnt. Additionally, the water that comes out of the tap is aerated rather than coming out in a jet, which can prevent scalds. Finally – it can’t fall over like a pan or kettle!

Still undecided? Our team are in the know about all things Quooker and can answer any questions you may have. Simply give Dave a call on 01430 410109!