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Quartz Worktops & Countertops

Quartz worktops are created from a mix of natural quartz and often glass or metallic elements. It’s easy to maintain and comes in a huge array of colours to match your décor.


Our bestsellers

4004 Raw concrete

Caesarstone 4004 Raw Concrete

Caesarstone 6338 Woodlands

Caesarstone 6338 Woodlands

Silestone Blanco Stellar

Silestone Blanco Stellar

Silestone Et Calacatta Gold

Silestone Calacatta Gold

Silestone White Arabesque

Silestone White Arabesque

All colours

Silestone Alpina White

Alpina White

Silestone Alimunio Nube

Aluminio Nube

Silestone Amazon


Silestone Arden Blue

Arden Blue

Silestone Ariel


Silestone Bamboo


Silestone Bianco Calacatta

Bianco Calacatta

Silestone Bianco River

Bianco Rivers

Silestone Black Tebas

Black Tebas

Silestone Blanco Capri

Blanco Capri

Silestone Blanco City

Blanco City

Silestone Blanco Maple

Blanco Maple

Silestone Blanco Norte

Blanco Norte

Silestone Blanco Orion

Blanco Orion

Silestone Blanco Zeus

Blanco Zeus

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